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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ITSM ticketing tool?

What is ITSM Ticketing Tool? A ticketing system is a multi-faceted, versatile tool that automates the resolution of user requests and queries. It transforms queries into tickets, which are then monitored from beginning to end. Each ticket has a timestamp and a priority status that determines how quickly IT teams respond.

What is the ISM® Report on business®?

The ISM® Report On Business® – Manufacturing (PMI®) and Services (PMI®) – are two of the most reliable economic indicators available, providing guidance to supply management professionals, economists, analysts, and government and business leaders. The reports are issued by the ISM Manufacturing and Services business survey committees.

Why join the ISM community?

Joining the ISM community gets you access to education, tools, research, events as well as a network of peers who face and solve for some of the same challenges you encounter. Invest in your own professional agility.

Why exhibit at ISM 2022?

ISM 2022 is the perfect platform to present your products and services. Discuss the latest trends and topics with other suppliers and trade visitors. You want to know which exhibitors were present at the ISM 2020? Then have a look through the exhibitor search of the world's leading trade fair for confectionery and snacks.

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