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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the DV Islands price guide unfair?

The DV Islands Price Guide Is Unfair. The Islands price guide is made by a rich player and it has no concept of actual price. The worst thing is people follow it. The price guide has unfair prices that overprice and underprice items.

How often is the value list for Islands updated?

This value list will be updated each time there's an update for Islands. Some items have a pretty standard price to them, but things that come out during an update will spike with a high price and reduce pretty quickly as more players are able to obtain it. We will no longer be updating the prices in this post.

How is the price guide maintained?

This price guide is maintained by top sellers in the community. Price Guide platform created by DV. Seller administration by CrazyApple. Sellers contribute their own prices which are then averaged across the last 3 price submissions.

How accurate are the prices in DV's price guide?

How accurate are the prices in DV's Price Guide? According to the guide, Buffalkor Crystals are 1.1m, Propellers are 1m, and Rageblade Blueprints are 800k. This suggests that a Propeller or Buffalkor Crystal would be overpaying for a Rageblade Blueprint.

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