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Frequently Asked Questions

Does islands of adventure have a firework show?

Does islands of adventure have a firework show? Almost to the point that most municipalities will have to cancel their own local 4th of July fireworks, yet the theme parks can still run their shows. Yes, Islands of Adventure will have fireworks nightly during Easter week.

What to eat at islands of adventure?

What to Eat at Islands of Adventure. Blondie’s also serves lunch and dinner and is home to made-to-order fresh deli subs and sandwiches, while Café 4sm and Pizza Predattoria serve up all your favorite Italian dishes. Thunder Falls Terrace also gives patrons some healthier options with menu items such as wraps, rotisserie chicken, soups and salads.

How many rides does islands of adventure have?

Adventure Island divides its rides and attractions according to different age and size groups: Big Adventure Rides, Junior Rides and Mini Rides. There are about ten rides in each category – including four roller coasters – so no one should get bored too quickly.

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