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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any islands for sale?

Investing in islands for sale in Europe and the Mediterranean. Freehold islands in this region are rare and only very few are on the market. The main areas where freehold islands can be purchased by foreigners in this region are Spain, France, Italy and Greece. Demand in Spain and France is concentrated on the developed islands, since the two governments rarely permit building on the undeveloped islands.

What is the largest private island in the US?

Vladi Private Islands GmbH is proud to offer the largest private island in United States mainland: GALLOO ISLAND. The island - undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands in the northern hemisphere - is located in Lake Ontario, in New York State.

How many islands are there worldwide?

While there is no definitive count of all the islands in the world, there are 443 islands in the world with a land area of 970 square miles or greater. There are at least 335 additional islands whose land area ranges from 190 to 970 square miles. Islands are land masses completely surrounded by water.

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