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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the New Island Packet 349?

With classic good looks inside and out that blend the modern and traditional, spirited sailing performance, premium materials and the best warranty coverage in the industry, the new 349 continues Island Packet’s reputation as a benchmark for excellence.

How much does a 35 foot Island Packet 35 cost?

Compared with entry-level, 35-foot production cruisers, the Island Packet 35 tends to be a bit pricy. The asking price of 20 boats offered for sale at the time of this writing ranged from $99,000 to $159,000. The average selling price of eight boats sold over the last year was $119,000.

What makes Island Packet boats unique?

A unique feature of all Island Packet boats is their method of deck construction with "Polycore," a mixture of resin fillers, rather than the more common balsa or foam core.

Are there any problems with the Island Packet 35 rudder?

That said, rudder delamination and separation is a problem quite common to a number of older Island Packet models including the Island Packet 35 and should be closely inspected and monitored.

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