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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Island Packet 460 and 490?

The new Island Packet 490 picks up where the 460 left off; which was winning awards! 10 years ago the 460 won the "Domestic Boat of the Year" from Cruising World magazine. Thats because both were designed by Bob Johnson, who started Island Packet brand of sailing yachts over 40 years ago, now.

What is the New Island Packet 349?

The new Island Packet 349 has just been named "Boat of the Year" in two categories by Cruising World Magazine! The new sailboat bows to the traditions of a great boatbuilder while offering new boat buyers the latest in design-build technology.

Is the Island Packet 379 the right boat for You?

Following decades of refinement, the newly updated Island Packet 379 is an ideal size for a cruising couple as well as a family weekender. The cutter rig with self-tending staysail is well balanced and provides the added power in lighter winds. A solent rig is also offered.

What is the difference between a 520 and 525 Island Packet?

The 520 is a stern cockpit model while the 525 is a center cockpit. Prior to this new model introduction, the largest Island Packet, the 485 (replaced by 490/495) is about 4 feet shorter than the all-new model. The length was added at the stern to provide more waterline for speed and more storage for long passages.

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