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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Isis Romero now?

She is currently based in San Antonio, Texas. In 2021, the free weekly alternative newspaper, San Antonio Current, chose her as the ‘Best News Anchor’ in San Antonio. Isis Romero is a native of Corpus Christi, South Texas. She grew up with her 3 siblings.

What happened to KSAT anchor Isis Romero?

It appears that KSAT (San Antonio) Anchor Isis Romero has been told her services are no longer needed. Word is that Romero has been vocal about the lack of representation on San Antonio TV news but more in management positions too. Sources say KSAT has no Latinos in upper news management.

Who is Tejana Romero?

Romero was born and raised in Robstown, a small town near Corpus Christi. She has been a fixture in the San Antonio television scene for more than a decade, serving as a Tejana role model for the community.

Is Isis from the bachelorette a Catholic?

Since the last couple of years, Isis is a Catholic. She was transparent about her path of entering the Catholic faith. She had grown up in a Baptist home and, before she met her husband, she wasn’t really open to Catholicism. After the couple had their kids, they wanted to raise them in a common faith.

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