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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cure for ischemic heart disease?

Home Remedies for Ischemic Heart Disease. It is important to consume fish oil for long term benefits and is a good home remedy for ischemic heart disease. Pranayam and yoga can be practiced to ward off the breathlessness and reduce the blood pressure in ischemic heart disease.

What are symptoms of ischemic bowel disease?

Signs and symptoms of ischemic colitis can include: Pain, tenderness or cramping in your belly, which can occur suddenly or gradually. Bright red or maroon-colored blood in your stool or, at times, passage of blood alone without stool. A feeling of urgency to move your bowels. Diarrhea.

Is there a cure for ischemic colitis?

Antibiotics may be given to treat a bacterial infection. You may need treatment for any conditions that caused ischemic colitis. You may need surgery if your ischemic colitis is severe or chronic. Surgery may be done to remove dead tissue, repair damage to your colon, or remove part of your colon.

What causes microvascular ischemic disease?

The cause of microvascular ischemic disease isn’t completely understood. It can be the result of plaque buildup and hardening (atherosclerosis) that damages the small blood vessels nourishing the brain. This is the same process that narrows and damages blood vessels to the heart and can lead to heart attacks.

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