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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Iron Man Armored Adventures come out?

Iron Man: Armored Adventures (also known in early promotional materials as Iron Man: The Animated Series) is a 3D CGI-animated series loosely based on the Marvel Comics superhero Iron Man. It debuted in the United States on Nicktoons on April 24, 2009, and it aired on Teletoon in Canada.

What makes Iron Man Armored Adventures different from the others?

Iron Man: Armored Adventures blended together the original comic continuity, the Ultimate continuity, and even the movie continuity, and managed to distill various aspects from all the previous Iron Man adaptions while still injecting plenty of its own creativity into this fresh and new continuity.

What is the Iron Man armor in the Avengers?

The Iron Man Armor is the technological armor that Tony Stark uses to fight evil as Iron Man. The armor's computer AI is voiced by Lisa Ann Beley . Tony Stark creates the armor completely on his own with some of Rhodey 's help. He was planning on showing his dad, but they were both in a plane crash.

How many viewers did Iron Man Armored Adventures get?

The hour-long premiere of Iron Man: Armored Adventures broke Nicktoons Network's record of highest-rated original series by premiering with over 125,000 viewers. Reviews of the pilot episode have been mixed.

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