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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should be the villain for Iron Man 4?

The female villain that Marvel is to have allied with the Mandarin in Iron Man 4 is Sunset Bain who should also act as the MCU's Crimson Cowl since she is a technical genius 6. Another Iron Man villain that Marvel should include as an ally to the Mandarin in Iron Man 4 as well as a loyal subordinate is the Ghost.

When will Iron Man 4 release?

On the other hand, "International Iron Man" will be out in 2016. At the moment, "Iron Man 4" has no official release date yet but the superhero will appear in "Captain America: Civil War," which will premiere on May 6, 2016.

Is there going to be an Iron Man 4?

He will be between 17 and 18 when the movie goes into production. Naturally, this news hasn't been confirmed by Marvel or Disney at this time. Back in October, Robert Downey Jr. confirmed that Iron Man 4 is actually happening, but he revealed just a few days later that Marvel does not have any plans for the sequel.

Is Iron Man 4 part of Marvel Phase 4?

That leaves one other film, and all signs point to it being Doctor Strange, as Marvel looks to establish another new franchise along with its returning favorites. This can only mean that Iron Man 4, if it were to happen, will be part of the Phase Four line-up.

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