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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the IPO market still strong in 2021?

With the stock market trading at all-time highs through much of 2021, the IPO market has remained strong, carrying the momentum from the second half of 2020 when a strong rebound in tech stocks encouraged new issues. Among the recent IPOs to watch are the following:

How much does an IPO cost?

722 IPOs IPO Date Symbol Name IPO Price Current Sep 10, 2021 SLVR SilverSPAC $10.00 $9.82 Sep 10, 2021 FHLT Future Health ESG $10.00 $9.90 Sep 10, 2021 BNIX Bannix Acquisition $10.00 $10.12 Sep 10, 2021 FLAG First Light Acquisition Group $10.00 $9.94 30 more rows ...

What are the biggest IPOs of the year?

Here are the biggest public offerings of the year by deal size, both globally and in the United States. The largest public debuts this year were direct listings, but a couple of traditional IPOs also cracked the top five. Morningstar analysts currently cover Coinbase ( COIN) and Roblox ( RBLX). What’s Next for Rivian After a Supercharged IPO?

What is the price range of shares in 2021?

IPO Date* Symbol Name Exchange Price Range Shares Feb 11, 2021 CCVI Churchill Capital VI NYSE $10.00 40,000,000 Feb 11, 2021 BITE Bite Acquisition NYSE $10.00 15,000,000 Feb 11, 2021 IACB ION Acquisition 2 NYSE $10.00 22,000,000 Feb 11, 2021

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