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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basics of investing?

Investing is the act of putting your money in a vehicle with the goal of making a profit. Basically, you are making your money to work for you. Successful investing requires both a commitment to regularly setting aside money and choosing appropriate investment options based on your goals.

Is investing better than saving money?

Investing is better than saving money because it pays you back dividends from the company that you are invested in. On average, stocks will return about 6% in dividends per year. That can be lower or higher depending on how you invest your money, but while the stock market will have highs and lows, over time, they even out to a good rate of return.

Does investing make you rich?

Investing in public markets will almost certainly not make you rich. But they certainly can keep you rich. Only you can make you rich. Markets are good at keeping that wealth ahead of inflation, with some profit.

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