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Frequently Asked Questions

What is integranet health?

The IntegraNet Health team guides patients through medical procedures before, IntegraNet Health is redefining how healthcare is delivered by keeping the physicians and patients front and center. From the onset, we’ve thought about the business of healthcare differently.

What is the clearing house for integranet health insurance?

The clearing house for IntegraNet is VisibilEdi. IntegraNet Health Payor ID for professional and Institutions claims: INET1 ** The clearing houses may have variation of “INET”. Contact your clearing house for the correct payor ID variation** Click here for EFT form.

Why integranet community outreach?

We believe every person can be their own health advocate through education, consistency, and communication. IntegraNet's Community Outreach has assisted members in the greater Houston and Dallas area along with surrounding counties.

Where is integratedintegranet health claims department located?

IntegraNet Health Claims Department – Only original HCFA and UB paper submissions 1813 W Harvard Ave., Suite 204 Roseburg, OR 97471 Phone: (541) 464-6296 – Claim status inquiries and claim payment questions

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