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Frequently Asked Questions

What is integranet health?

The IntegraNet Health team guides patients through medical procedures before, IntegraNet Health is redefining how healthcare is delivered by keeping the physicians and patients front and center. From the onset, we’ve thought about the business of healthcare differently.

What is the difference between integranet and the amerivantage network?

CLAIMS PROCESSED BY INTEGRANET - Claims for Amerivantage members assigned to our contracted Primary Care Physicians. NETWORK - The network will be comprised of physician and ancillary vendors contracted directly with IntegraNet for the Amerivantage Medicare Advantage products.

How are Medicare Advantage plans delegated to integranet health?

IntegraNet Health through our agreement with Amerivantage/Amerigroup –all Medicare Advantage Plans for members of our Primary Care Physicians are delegated to IntegraNet Health for Utilization Management. Providers are solely responsible for and are strongly encouraged to verify authorization requirements prior to rendering service.

How do I contact Amerigroup about the benefits package?

Questions regarding the members Benefits Package contact Amerigroup: +1 (800)-600-4441 To verify provider network status with IntegraNet, visit our Provider Directory on our website The IntegraNet Health Provider Portal is the preferred method of submission when requesting prior authorization. Benefits of Portal Use

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