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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of inflection?

The point where the function is neither concave nor convex is known as inflection point or the point of inflection. In this article, the concept and meaning of inflection point, how to determine the inflection point graphically are explained in detail.

Why inflexion&LCP?

Inflexion gave us just the right amount of support during our successful four-year partnership. Their minority funding at the outset enabled LCP’s Partners to regain majority ownership of the business, which has had significant benefits for our clients and our people.

Why choose EPRI for electricity R&D?

EPRI’s research and development portfolio has a clear vision for electricity R&D today and into the future. Our portfolio addresses the technology, systems, operations, and workforce as they are today and drives the innovations to shape them for the decades ahead.

When is a point a non-stationary point of inflection?

If f' (x) is not equal to zero, then the point is a non-stationary point of inflection. Click here to get the inflection point calculator. Refer to the following problem to understand the concept of an inflection point.

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