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Frequently Asked Questions

What is inflexion and inflection?

inflexion - a change in the form of a word (usually by adding a suffix) to indicate a change in its grammatical function. inflection. grammatical relation - a linguistic relation established by grammar.

Why invest with Inflexion?

Award-winning mid-market private equity firm, investing £10m to £300m in high growth, entrepreneurial businesses. Inflexion is a leading mid-market private equity firm, investing in high growth, entrepreneurial businesses with ambitious management teams and working in partnership with them to accelerate growth.

Why inflexion&LCP?

Inflexion gave us just the right amount of support during our successful four-year partnership. Their minority funding at the outset enabled LCP’s Partners to regain majority ownership of the business, which has had significant benefits for our clients and our people.

Why inflexion for comparison technologies?

Inflexion have been instrumental in building Comparison Technologies and helping us define our strategy for growth. They are a fantastic partner and always available to support and challenge us.

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