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Frequently Asked Questions

What is scientific industry?

Scientific Industries, a publicly-owned company is the world leader in vortexing technologies and is best known as the designer and manufacturer of the world-renowned Vortex-Genie® laboratory vortex mixer and shaker, which is part of a complete line of other Genie™ brand lab products including microplate shakers and mixers, cell disruptor and ...

What is a scientific product?

A product in science is a substance that is formed when two or more chemicals react. When a chemical reaction takes place, a new substance is often created from the atoms or molecules of the original substances.

What is a scientific laboratory?

in: Science laboratory. A science laboratory, also known as a science lab, research laboratory, or lab, was any area set-up for work in experimental or observational science. Areas like these were commonplace aboard explorational vessels such as Federation starships, space stations and outposts, under the auspices of Starfleet's sciences division.

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