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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes an industrial revolution?

In agriculture, the Industrial Revolution gave rise to an increased demand for crops, as the population expanded rapidly. New technologies, including tools, machinery, techniques and fertilizers developed quickly, increasing crop yields and agricultural productivity.

What best explains the causes of the Industrial Revolution?

10 Major Causes of the Industrial Revolution Political and Economic competition in Europe. Though the European states had frequently fought amongst each other for many centuries, by the mid-18th century many of them were rising colonial ... Scientific Revolution in Europe. Most historians do not agree on the exact period of the Scientific Revolution in Europe. ... Agricultural Revolution in Britain. ... More items...

What are facts about the Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution was a period between the late 18th Century and early 20th Century, which saw rapid growth in mechanisation, industrial production and change in society. The first stage of the Industrial Revolution (1770-1870) – Centred on steam, water, iron and shift from agriculture.

Why to study the Industrial Revolution?

Why Study the Industrial Revolution? Students should study the Industrial Revolution because it is one of the major reasons for why our world functions the way it does today. The enormous changes in industry had major ripple effects in the economy, society, geography, health and culture.

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