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Frequently Asked Questions

What did people do during the Industrial Revolution?

Famous people of the Industrial Revolution. In particular, old traditional methods of hand production were replaced by the use of machines, leading to large-scale factory production. The industrial revolution was helped by technological innovations such as steam power, cheaper iron, specialisation, the growth of modern banking, and new machines which could do the work of several people.

How was the economy during the Industrial Revolution?

How the Industrial Revolution Changed the Economy. The economy changed to an industrial- and market-based model during the industrial revolution because the market became flooded with mass-produced merchandise. The people working had more disposable income to spend, compared to when they worked in an agrarian setting.

How did pollution affect the Industrial Revolution?

Factories often produce pollution as a side product of the manufacturing process. The Industrial Revolution brought with it a rapid increase in industrial pollution. Exhaust from furnaces or chemical processes is often released as air pollution. Water that is polluted by oil. Industrial pollution can contribute to poor air quality.

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