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What factors contributed to the Industrial Revolution?

The factors which contributed to the Industrial Revolution: The pottery that was made by Wedgwood, Spode, Minton etc. was copied from dishes brought back by China merchants, and was then exported by canal and ship. Clay was first transported from Cornwall, then was imported as better quality clays were found.

What are the four factors of industrialization?

Four primary factors contributed to the rapid industrialization of America: improved transportation and communication; new inventions and technology; new marketing and merchandizing techniques; and plentiful labor. Technology fuels most political, social, and economic change.

What are the three causes of the Industrial Revolution?

Causes of the industrial Revolution upsurge in world trade, rising population, increase in capital (money), venture capitalist. , -abundant supply of natural resource, Increased consumer demand - cotton, iron, potter. started by demand for clothing due to the increase population in Britain.

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