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Frequently Asked Questions

What skills are needed to be an industrial engineer?

Industrial engineers typically hold a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering, logistics, or business management, although most employers prefer a master's degree in a related field and work experience, especially for advanced positions.

What jobs can you get with an industrial engineering degree?

Each of these jobs requires skills in project management, streamlined production, business practice and ergonomics. Some possible job roles with an industrial engineering degree include quality control engineer, sales engineer and project manager.

What companies hire Industrial Engineers?

Almost all the manufacturing and engineering companies offer jobs to Industrial Engineers. Some of the top companies which hire Industrial Engineers are: -TATA ( includes all sectors) -Reliance Industries Ltd. -Maruti Udyog. -TCS. -Infosys. -Wipro.

What jobs can an industrial engineer do?

An industrial engineer may oversee the operation of various systems in a manufacturing plant. Industrial engineering jobs include oversight of project planning, plant productivity and quality control. Industrial engineers consider long-term consequences when planning projects and making investments.

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