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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Industrial Commission do?

The Industrial Commission administers the Workers’ Compensation Act, the Tort Claims Act, the Childhood Vaccine-Related Injury Act, the Public Safety Employees' Death Benefits Act, the Act to Compensate Individuals Erroneously Convicted of Felonies, and the Eugenics Compensation Program.

How does icon work in Ohio workers comp?

The Ohio Industrial Commission has worked diligently to make ICON a powerful, user-friendly tool to assist you before your workers’ compensation hearing. ICON provides parties to the claim with the ability to: view claim activity, submit appeals, objections and requests for .522/.52 relief and change passwords.

Who is the new Industrial Commission Deputy Commissioner?

The Industrial Commission is pleased to announce the appointment of Tiffany Mack Smith as a Deputy Commissioner. Ms. Smith began practicing law in 2011 and has focused her practice primarily in the areas of workers’ compensation and social security disability, most recently at the law firm of Wallace & Graham in Salisbury, NC.

How do I contact the Ohio Industrial Commission (IC)?

Call, fax or email us at [email protected] with questions and concerns. Download individual PDFs of IC forms. Get the information you need to comply with IC rules, resolutions, policies and guidelines. Confused about the process or what is expected of you?

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