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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the iHealth PT3 thermometer?

The iHealth PT3 Thermometer is an infrared thermometer that provides 1-second testing for current body temperature reading. It features a high-precision, ultra-sensitive infrared sensor that measures IR energy emitted from a person’s forehead. It collects more than 100 data points per second.

How does the iHealth non-contact thermometer work?

Pressing the button begins data collection for 100 tests completed within 1 second and processed by an algorithm that ensures accurate temperature readings. iHealth Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer senses the real-time variations in environmental temperature to reduce the impact and compensates to ensure measurement accuracy.

Is iHealth's new infrared thermometer the best for your child?

“iHealth’s new infrared thermometer could be a parent’s best weapon against a cranky, sick child as it allows for lightning-quick temperature readings without actually having to make contact with the skin.” “Coupled with its app, the iHealth Core is one of the most capable, intuitive bathroom scales we reviewed.” “For the Stats Guy: iHealth Core.

What is iHealth Labs domain name?

FRAUD ALERT: Our company’s official domain name is Someone is impersonating iHealth Labs from a domain nearly identical to ours (, which instantly redirects visitors to this website.

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