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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose iHealth fulfillment?

Beyond savings, iHealth Fulfillment is committed to providing accurate, up-to-date information and tools to help you navigate the latest health and wellness trends. Read our iHealth Fulfillment blog for the latest health and fitness findings, and explore our videos to get helpful how-tos and informative articles from our experts.

Does ihealthlabs stand by their defective products?

They are not in anyway affiliated with Apple, and they won’t stand by their defective products. Satisfied customer, plan to stay with them. I have been ordering supplies from Ihealthlabs since the beginning of the pandemic. I ordered 40 thermometers then hundreds of good quality KN95 masks.

How do I contact the iHealth support center?

Our support center operates Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Pacific Time. We can also be reached at 855-816-7705. This email is a service from iHealth Lab, Inc.. Delivered by Zendesk.

Is the iHealth forehead thermometer worth it?

Using typical thermometers was a total struggle until that point that I got the iHealth one. I really love this thermometer and felt it deserved a review. Overall, for design and ease of use I'd say its 5-stars. Regarding accuracy, all forehead thermometers are less accurate than the ear, armpit, mouth, and anus.

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