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Frequently Asked Questions

Is blood pressure a good indicator of heart health?

In actuality, blood pressure – the measure of mercury millimetres that your heart uses to pump blood around your body – is a good indicator of your body's general condition. It's particularly useful to medical practitioners as a warning sign for underlying physical issues.

Which blood vessel has the greatest blood pressure?

The main blood vessel, where the highest pressure is found is the aorta. The blood leaves the heart and is pumped up the aorta towards the head (this is normally uphill so requires a high pressure). The lowest pressure is in the veins, which return the blood to the heart.

Which is the best blood pressure monitoring device?

The Pyle PHBPBW40BK can very well be your best wireless blood pressure monitor if you want a budget-friendly and a fuss-free device. It is so light and compact, that you can wear it all day and keep your health in check.

What is the best blood pressure monitoring app?

iBP is the most flexible and most popular blood pressure app that exists for iOS devices. It focuses on the user (or multiple users) to allow easy data input using dials instead of your on-screen keyboard.

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