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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hushhushmail?

Hushmail protects attorney-client communications by adding encryption to your emails and web forms. It's safe, secure, and trusted by legal professionals worldwide. Hushmail is easy to set up and use. Send your first encrypted email today, and set up a secure online contact form in just a few minutes.

How does my Hushmail account work?

Your Hushmail account works just like a regular email account, with added security features to help keep your data safe. Send and receive encrypted email on the web and iPhone Access your account using Outlook, Apple Mail or your Android smartphone Use your own domain name ( or use one of ours

Can recipients read my Hushmail emails?

Recipients who are not using Hushmail will receive a link to a secure web page where they can read your email. The first time someone reads a secure email on the web they will create a passphrase. They will need this passphrase to access any future emails sent using Hushmail.

Is hushhushmail for healthcare HIPAA compliant?

Hushmail for Healthcare includes Encrypted Email, Secure Web Forms, a Private Message Center, and optionally Electronic Signatures. We'll include a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and Email Archiving to help with your HIPAA compliance.

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