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Frequently Asked Questions

How Hushmail can protect you?

Hushmail can help protect your sensitive data from hackers and identity thieves who try to break into servers and steal large amounts of user data that they can mine for useful information. No system in the world is 100% "unhackable" and anyone who tells you otherwise is being disingenuous.

Is Hushmail a plug-in?

Hushmail has 2 options, client side encryption which is done via a java , and server side encryption. They only had the keys to give away for those people who chose server side encryptions. They don't have the private keys for those who cleint side. Also, when you choose you method, Hushmail tells you that server side is much less secure.

How does Hushmail work?

Hushmail is a secure email service that lets you send and receive private, encrypted emails and attachments to and from anyone, even people who don't use Hushmail. With easy-to-use webmail and an iPhone app, there's no complicated installation process.

What is the most secure email provider?

What is the most secure free email account provider? ProtonMail is the most secure free email account provider. This safety is due to the service provider offering end-to-end encryption, but it also has to do with the physical location of the ProtonMail headquarters in Switzerland.

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