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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dragonfly patterns fun to tie?

They are all quite fun to tie,and tying a big ol’ dragonfly can give a fly tier a nice break from tying much smaller and (occasionally tedious) mayfly, caddis, and midge patterns. It’s quite easy to change the proportions and colour of the fly patterns listed to more closely match the naturals in your area.

Are Dragonfly and damsel patterns good for fishing?

Dragonfly patterns are also very effective when chasing bass on the fly. I know dragon and damselflies are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of dry fly fishing, but I’ve found some very interesting damsel and dragonfly patterns to try out.

Are dragonflies good fly fishing nymphs?

Fly anglers are well aware of the importance of dragonfly and damselfly nymphs, but often neglect the airborne adults version of these insects. The adult forms of damsel and dragonflies are strong fliers, and are rarely available to trout or bass since they don’t fall in the water all that often.

Do dragonflies ever fall in the water?

That being said, they do fall in the water on occasion. A trout that has been sipping on mayflies all spring, must think a struggling dragonfly looks like a juicy T-bone steak! Dragonfly patterns are also very effective when chasing bass on the fly.

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