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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you draw a fox body?

About one-third of it should overlap the lower right side of the circle for the head. Sketch out a much larger oval to represent the fox’s body. This oval should extend to the right of and slightly below the circle for the neck. It should also overlap the neck circle and just touch the circle that represents the head.

How do you draw a fox with two ears?

Draw the ears with 2 smaller egg-like shapes on top of the head. Imagine the head as a clock face and place the ears at about the 12 and 3 o’clock positions. Make the far-side ear “egg” point straight up, and the near-side ear lean towards the fox’s (soon to be drawn) tail at about a 30-degree angle. 3

How do you make a fox with a balloon?

Creating a Realistic Sitting Fox Draw a balloon being swept by the wind. This will be your fox’s head and spine. Add the ears and the snout. Draw 2 tall pointed arcs for the ears. Finish the body. At the tail of the balloon, add an oval, this would be the thigh joint. Add tail and legs. Draw an irregular oval on the end of the balloon string.

How do you draw a fox head in SketchUp?

Sketch in the head as a large egg-like shape centered on the page. Tilt the egg on its side—for instance, so the narrower part of the egg’s oval is pointed to the left. Since this is a cartoon fox, feel free to make the head big!

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