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Frequently Asked Questions

How to run a successful farmer’s market?

Just as it takes time for a farmer to get established in a farmers market, it takes time for a market to become known in a community. Be patient. If you manage your market, advertise well, and your farmers bring in a varied assortment of quality products, in time you will become a valued institution in your city or town.

How do I find a farmer?

If you are having trouble locating farmers, contact your state or county Cooperative Extension Service, Farm Bureau, or Department of Agriculture. These agencies usually have newsletters. Ask them to put in a "call for farmers."

What skills do you need to run a farm?

“Each member of the farm business should conduct a self-assessment of his or her communication, financial, production, marketing, and management skills,” says Marrison. “This is particularly important when bringing generations back to the farm.”

How to make a whole farm plan?

11 Steps to a Whole-Farm Plan 1. Take stock of the family. 2. Assess individuals’ goals, strengths, and also weaknesses. 3. Analyze the business and set business goals. 4. Write a mission statement. 5. Write a business plan. 6. Plan for retirement. 7. Plan a transition strategy. 8. Make an estate plan. 9. Outline an investment plan.

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