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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you drag click?

Today I will teach you how to drag click! *Godbridge, breezily, Witchly and other cool types of bridging! *That's it I think. So what you will need to do is just drag your finger along the mouse button down making it sort of vibrate and make a ton of CPS.

Is drag clicking or butterfly clicking easier to use?

-butterfly click is a lot easier than dragclicking, so i recommend you a butterfly click. -dont get overpowered at clicking, or mouse gonna get broke out.

How do I make my mouse click faster?

Step 1: Buy some 2 - sided tape. Step 2: Cut a small strip of it. Step 3: Well, as you have guessed, put it on your mouse button. Step 4: Casually drag click like said above! *******This tip can be used not only to drag click on office mice, but also to increase the drag click CPS on mouses that already can do it! (Gaming mice). I hope I helped!

How do I disable drag clicking on Glorious mouse?

Download the Glorious Mouse software. Once you have done this, look at the right side, where there is a dropdown called "Debounce Time" swippppppe that down to 4ms (lowest). Warning: Drag clicking left click for high amounts/long periods of time can get you banned (for autoclicking).

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