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Frequently Asked Questions

Does drag clicking make a difference in Minecraft PvP?

Drag clicking is a somewhat controversial topic for many people, especially those who play Minecraft competitively. Some would argue that drag clicking in Minecraft doesn’t make much difference. After all, there are other factors in PVP — weapon, positioning, etc.

How do you drag Click on a gaming mouse?

To drag click, simply flick your wrist slightly at an angle while gently pressing the mouse button in a downward direction (towards the front of the mouse). Don’t press too hard, and just allow your finger to glide through the button.

What is drag click and how does it work?

Well, when you drag click, you take advantage of the friction between the mouse button and your skin as you swiftly move your finger across the surface. This friction generates vibrations that are picked up by the mouse switch, thereby registering more clicks than what is normally possible. How to drag click?

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