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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I right click on laptop touchpad?

Here are the main functions of a touchpad and how to control them: Clicking: When people say “click,” they mean “press and release the left mouse button.” Clicking has a variety of uses. Right-clicking: If you click the right touchpad button, Windows displays a shortcut menu that is specific to the item you clicked.

How do I click and drag using a laptop?

Moving Files With Drag and Drop Turn on your computer. Open folders on your computer. Use your mouse to resize the folder windows so that they can be side by side on your computer screen. Navigate to the folder where the files are. Release your mouse. Left click on a file and hold the button down. Drag the files into the new folder.

How do I Make my scroll work on my touchpad?

Click the "Device Settings" tab in Windows 7 and select the touchpad. Click "Settings.". Click "Virtual Scrolling" in the touchpad properties window. Click the boxes next to each "Enable Scrolling" box and click "OK.". Scrolling is now turned on for your touchpad.

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