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Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up the right click on a Mac?

Enable Right Click on Mac Launch System Preferences. Either do it from the Dock or by clicking on the 'Apple' logo in menu bar at top left hand corner then click System Preferences. Depending on what you are using with your Mac, click on either Mouse or Trackpad. Under the Point & Click tab, you'll see a bunch of options. Just enable the Secondary Click option. ... See More....

How do you scroll down on a Mac?

Click the box next to "Scroll" under the "Two Fingers" heading if the checkbox is not already selected. Close System Preferences. 4. Place two fingers on your Macbook's trackpad and move them up or down to scroll up or down through your current Web page or document.

How to change the scrolling direction on your Mac?

Change scroll direction on your Mac Open System Preferences from the Apple menu. If you're using your laptop's trackpad, select Trackpad. If you're using an external mouse, select Mouse. Open the second tab, Scroll & Zoom. Scroll directon change To change the scroll direction of your mouse or trackpad, check (or uncheck) the box marked Scroll direction: Natural. ...

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