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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Turn on three finger drag for my trackpad?

Turn on three finger drag for your Mac trackpad. 1 Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Accessibility. 2 Select Pointer Control in the sidebar. (In earlier versions of macOS, select Mouse & Trackpad.) 3 Click the Trackpad Options button. 4 Select ”Enable dragging,” then choose ”three finger drag” from the menu. 5 Click OK.

How to drag and drop content using the touchpad?

You can drag content as if sliding a physical piece of paper using the touchpad. Open the Activities overview and start typing Mouse & Touchpad. Click on Mouse & Touchpad to open the panel. In the Touchpad section, make sure that the Touchpad switch is set to on. Switch the Natural Scrolling switch to on.

How do I drag and drop items on my keyboard?

To click, tap on the touchpad. To double-click, tap twice. To drag an item, double-tap but don’t lift your finger after the second tap. Drag the item where you want it, then lift your finger to drop. If your touchpad supports multi-finger taps, right-click by tapping with two fingers at once.

How do I use the Force Touch trackpad to move things?

Turn on "three finger drag" for your Force Touch trackpad. "Three finger drag" is a Multi-Touch gesture in OS X. It lets you use three fingers to move the active window on your screen.

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