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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you drag click?

Today I will teach you how to drag click! *Godbridge, breezily, Witchly and other cool types of bridging! *That's it I think. So what you will need to do is just drag your finger along the mouse button down making it sort of vibrate and make a ton of CPS.

How do you optimize your gameplay?

To optimize our gameplay we can bind attack move to mouse button and prevent the confirmation click. The setting I’m personally using is left mouse button (LMB) as smart cast attack move, right click for moving my champion and mouse button 4 for buying/clicking on map and interacting with HUD.

Is there a way to bind left click in League of Legends?

Is there no way to bind Left Click in League of Legends? Is your home's naughty list growing by the square foot? With a RenoFi Loan you could borrow up to 90% of your home’s after renovation value. , Has played League since the beginning of Season 2. Yes. Go to options, keybinding, left click on what you want rebound, then left click again.

How do I make my mouse click faster?

Step 1: Buy some 2 - sided tape. Step 2: Cut a small strip of it. Step 3: Well, as you have guessed, put it on your mouse button. Step 4: Casually drag click like said above! *******This tip can be used not only to drag click on office mice, but also to increase the drag click CPS on mouses that already can do it! (Gaming mice). I hope I helped!

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