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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Omegle have an app?

Omegle is a free online chatting service. (It appears that there was an Omegle app at one time, but it no longer exists and the website is the only way for new users to access the platform.) It was created in 2009 by then-18-year-old Leif K. Brooks of Vermont.

Is Omegle free to use?

Omegle is a free, anonymous video chat site that randomly connects you to new people you can chat with based on shared interests. This wikiHow article will teach you how to use Omegle to chat with strangers using video, text, and voice! Visit the Omegle Home Page.

Is Omegle a dating app?

Omegle is one of the best-known dating sites which offers ways of randomly communicating with other people via webcam. It is a popular video chat service in addition to ChatRoulette and ChatRandom. The portal works similarly to a classic chat exchange — the only difference is that you don’t just choose who to communicate with.

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