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Frequently Asked Questions

How to drain a central heating system correctly?

The following article provides a step-by-step guide on how to drain a central heating system correctly including: 1 Switch off the boiler 2 Shut the water intake valve 3 Locate the drain-off valve 4 Drain the radiators 5 Open the bleed valves 6 Complete the drainage process More ...

Where is the drain valve on a central heating boiler?

Locate the drain valve, which may be near the bottom of the boiler. There may be more than one drainage point on the system. Clip a garden hose onto the outlet and run the hose to a drain outside. Open the drain cock so the water starts to flow.

How do you fix a leak in a central heating system?

Lock off the ball valve in your feed and expansion tank. Connect a hosepipe to the drain nozzle on one of your downstairs radiators and run it to a suitable location outside. Open up the drain valve and let the water drain out of the system. Open up some of the bleed valves on upstairs radiators to aid drainage.

How do you drain a radiator without a drain valve?

Isolate the radiator from your heating system When draining central heating without a drain valve, you need to separate the radiator by the system. Here all you need to do is to close the two valves. For the regulator, you need to rotate it in a clockwise direction.

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