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Frequently Asked Questions

How to draft a bad contract?

7. Use inconsistent terminology. To draft a bad contract, you should use multiple terms to refer to the same thing. For example, if the contract defines "Agreement" to mean "this Agreement," you should sometimes use "Contract" or "this document" rather than "Agreement." This will reduce your contract's readability and may even create confusion, thus improving the badness of your contract.

Do I need a lawyer when drafting a business contract?

It is not required by law to consult an attorney when you are drafting a business contract. There is nothing necessarily wrong with signing a contract you don't understand. People have been signing contracts they haven't read and have gone on to live very happy lives.

What is contract drafting and negotiation?

Drafting And Negotiating Contracts Contracts are a vital part of any business. Whether it is a purchase or sale order, an offer of employment or a customer waiver and release, the terms of any contract define the nature of the parties' relationship as well as their rights, duties, and obligations, and dictate how any disputes may be resolved.

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