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Frequently Asked Questions

How do dragonflies benefit the environment?

Dragonflies help keep the mosquito and biting fly population in control, something human skin can appreciate. Dragonflies also eat aphids, which are tiny insects that are capable of destroying crops and other plants. Dragonflies have very large eyes and incredible eyesight that allow them to seek out prey.

What does a dragonfly look like?

Dragonflies are jewels among insects. They have shimmering wings, large reflective eyes and a long body. Their wings are very delicate and lace-like, and are usually spread when they rest.

How fast can dragonflies fly?

Well, pretty fast by insect standards. A dragonfly can fly between 30 and 60 kilometers per hour, which is about 19 to 38 miles per hour, so that’s really pretty fast for these tiny, little bugs. One of the things that’s interesting about dragonflies is that they actually have two sets of wings.

What is the fastest dragonfly?

The dragonfly is the fastest insect in the world and can fly at speeds of about 20-30 miles per hour.

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