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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of chest tube drainage?

There are many types of drains, ranging from chest tubes that keep fluid from accumulating around the heart after open heart surgery, to small bulb type drains that apply gentle suction. The type of drain that is used depends on the type of surgery, the preference of the surgeon and the site of the surgery.

How much chest tube drainage is normal?

Drainage should start to chage to a watery yellow or ink drainage unless bleeding is actively going on. You should contact your physician to see if this is normal for his patients. Personally, I like to see under 30 ml in 24 hours to remove the drain hence the 40 ml every 4 hours is 8 times that amount.

How to tell air leak chest tube?

Assess for air leaks at least once per shift and as needed, based on your patient’s respiratory status. Start by examining the air-leak detection chamber in the water seal of the drain­age device. An air leak presents as small air bubbles; the amount of bubbling indicates the degree of the leak.

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