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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hosea Chanchez married?

Hosea Chanchez (born 12th of September 1981, Age: 41 years old) is an American actor best known for portraying the character of Malik Wright on the sitcom The Game and its 2021 revival. He was never married to Tika Sumpter, nor did they date each other.

Is Hosea ch Sanchez back with his ex?

'The Game' star says he's back with an ex and happier than ever. It looks like life may be imitating art when it comes to “The Game” star Hosea Chanchez’s love life.

How old is Hosea from the game?

Hosea Chanchez (born September 12, 1981), also credited as Hosea, is an American actor best known for his recurring role on For Your Love and the quarterback football player Malik Wright on The CW / BET sitcom, The Game . Born in Montgomery, Alabama, Chanchez spent most of his childhood in Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia.

Is Hoshe ch Sanchez related to Ashlea Santiago?

Chanchez is also related to BET child video actress Ashlea Brooke Santiago niece of Clark Sisters (gospel), daughter of American Gangsta Quinten Santos ^ "Hoshe Chanchez". BET. Retrieved 27 March 2014.

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