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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Hornady reloaders?

For years, the driving force that has been behind the Hornady name has always been reloading. Hornady continues to put more effort into reloading from the single-stage classic up to the progressive Lock- N- Load AP and other innovations to come. Reloading is a rewarding and fun hobby.

What is a Hornady lock and load reloading kit?

This Hornady Lock-N-Load 3-in-1 Ammo Plant Progressive Press Reloading Kit is made and designed to pump out cartridges with ease and quickly. This 5-station, Progressive Press features the patented Lock-N-Load bushing system for a more intuitive and better-equipped for all your reloading needs.

What is included in the Hornady reloading Handbook?

Beyond the basic equipment of a reloading press, powder measure, scale, set of dies, case lube and a loading manual, you will find an extensive line of tools and accessories that can speed up your efforts and make the experience more enjoyable. Three ways to get the Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading.

How much did you pay for your Hornady press?

This made it look like a pretty quick breakeven for the press, which I paid $450 with free shipping for from a third party seller here on Amazon. Hornady says all you need to start reloading is a shellplate for the caliber you want to reload, and dies.

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