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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you reload a 366 Auto?

Certainly not a day at your reloading table. Which is why Hornady created the 366 Auto, a machine that cranks out low-cost reloads in a hurry, so you can spend more time shooting. It's easy. All you do is set in an empty case and wad, and then pull the operating lever.

What happened to the 366 Hornady shotshell reloader?

Hornady 366 Auto Shotshell Reloaders has been discontinued by Hornady and is no longer available.

Why is there a chart for the bushings of 366 Auto Loader?

IMPORTANT: Due to agitation of powder during the loading operation, different models of loaders require different bushings. Therefore, the chartshould be used only for 366 Auto and Hornady’s APEX. Additional charts are published for other Hornady loaders.

What is a 366 Auto press used for?

The 366 Auto does the rest of the work automatically. This press features a solid die-cast frame for long service, primer tube filler with an automatic primer feed system, easy-empty powder and shot hopper tubes with shut-off options. Swing out wad guide, full length resizing station, automatic indexing and shell ejection.

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