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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 308 Winchester?

The .308 Winchester provides middle-of-the-road ballistic performance, yet produces first-rate utility. The cartridge’s enormous popularity (second only to the .223 Rem. among center-fire rifle cartridges) has created a wealth of bullets and propellants aimed at everything from reloading for practice, target shooting and hunting.

What is the best propellant for a 308?

Other propellants, such as IMR 3031 and 4895, TAC, and W748, have provided good accuracy with target bullets in other .308 rifles. The consensus is to shoot heavy bullets when hunting large game like elk and giant black bears. That’s good advice with regular bullets, say Sierra 180-gr. Pro-Hunters.

How much recoil does Hornady have?

For instance, Hornady does offer a 125 grain 308 round promising reduced recoil. The heaviest round, most frequently used in match-grade rounds is 175 grain and travels at about 2,650 feet per second in terms of muzzle velocity.

How fast do Hornady SST bullets expand?

Hornady 150-gr. SST bullets paired with 41.0 grs. of IMR 4895 produced a mild speed of 2473 f.p.s. from the 18.5" barrel of a Mossberg MVP Flex rifle in .308 Win. Hornady states SST bullets readily expand at impact speeds down to 2000 f.p.s, which that load slows to at 225 yds.

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