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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hopehope services Hawaii?

HOPE Services Hawaii Inc. is an affiliate non-profit organization of the Roman Catholic Church in the State of Hawaii.

How can I Help Hope services?

We offer day services, training and employment, community living, and mental health services to children, adults, and seniors. You can help by donating money, assets, goods, your time as a volunteer, by shopping at our thrift stores, and by hiring our people. It's heartwarming to see the difference that Hope Services makes.

How does hope prioritize shelter?

We prioritize shelter on vulnerability and need. HOPE is a proud member of Community Alliance Partners (CAP), a Continuum of Care made up of over 40 organizations and allies using a Housing First approach to house and provide follow-up services to our houseless neighbors islandwide. CAP implemented a Coordinated Entry System (CES) in 2017.

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