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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hopehope clinic?

Hope Clinic simplifies the complex question of “How can I help?” no-cost Medical, Dental, Behavioral Health, and food, all in Jesus’ Name. We know that poverty, hunger, and inequity are complex, and it’s not always clear how to help.

Why partner with Hope Clinic?

When you partner with Hope Clinic, you are investing in Medical care, Dental care, Behavioral Health care, and Food support. Hope Clinic met 60,000+ requests for help in 2020 alone.

How do I contact Hope Clinic for dental or eye care?

PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICES AT (713) 773-0803 FOR ANY DENTAL OR EYE CONCERNS. HOPE Clinic relies on support from people and businesses in our community. Here at HOPE Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering everyone quality community healthcare in Houston, TX. That means all ages, all income levels, and all ethnic backgrounds.

What is the first priority of Hope Clinic?

Our first priority is to the residents of Collin County and patients experiencing homelessness. Hope Clinic provides care to the uninsured. To qualify, a patient may not be covered by any other health insurance or medical assistance program. Household income may not exceed guidelines below.

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