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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I join the Honors Program in college?

Yes, it will speak volumes about your abilities and aspirations. Students in Honors programs are widely recognized as being the best students at a college, having both superior academic ability and the motivation to make the most of their college experience. Consider what an American college degree means to the general public.

How hard is it to get into the Honors Program?

How hard is it to get into UF honors program? The UF Honors Program’s acceptance rate averages at about 13%. The Honors admissions review process is a joint effort between the Honors Program and the Office of Admissions.

Why to join the Honors Program?

| Honors College | UTSAThe Benefits are Endless. The benefits of joining the Honors College are endless. ...Peer Coaching. ...Advising and Priority Registration. ...Awards and Scholarships. ...Undergraduate Research Programs. ...Outstanding Faculty. ...Study Abroad Opportunities. ...Internships. ...National Scholarship and Fellowship Preparation. ...Honors Housing. ...

What are the benefits of Honors Program in college?

These benefits include:Priority/early registration privilegesSmaller class sizes in designated Honors coursesAccess to the Honors AtriumOpportunities to receive Honors credit for non-Honors coursesThe opportunity to present at Honors ConferencesRecognition at Graduation Ceremonies for at least 12 honors credit hoursParticipation in Honors Program sponsored activities

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