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Frequently Asked Questions

Are high school honors classes worth it?

The benefits of honors classes in high school make the extra work it. Taking honors courses can affect the major you choose, what colleges you get into, and what scholarships you win. Here are the main benefits of taking high school honors courses...

What are the benefits of graduating high school with honors?

Advantages of Graduating With Honors in High School Types. The most widely recognized high-school honors society is the National Honor Society (NHS). ... Benefits. Students in NHS are eligible for dozens of college scholarships. ... Considerations. Graduating with honors isn't for everyone. ... Effects. Graduating high school with honors can influence your life beyond college. ... Size. ...

What is the Honors Program in high school?

High School Honors Program. The High School Honors Program provides an opportunity for academically motivated rising juniors and seniors to experience undergraduate life—in the classroom and around campus—while earning college credit. The High School Honors Program offers more than 80 undergraduate courses in a range of exciting subjects not...

Why to take AP and honor courses in high school?

AP and Honor courses are challenging classes that are given in high school. They exist in many subject areas. Since students in these classes are more academically advanced, these classes relieve a student of certain General Education requirements in college and are a great way to get a bit ahead on college.

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