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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a scoring for honors in duplicate bridge?

As there is no skill in scoring for honors, players often agree to play without the honor bonuses. In duplicate bridge, which is the nearly exclusive form of bridge seen in tournaments and clubs, this scoring rule is non-existent.

What happened to the honours scoring rule in bridge?

The process of removal of the honours scoring rule was also gradual, and the range of situations where the bonus can be awarded has been considerably reduced between auction bridge and your version of contract bridge rules. How the game is affected if you do use the rule?

What is bridgebridge and games?

Bridge and Games is our name. We are at 87th Street and 3rd Avenue. It will be our only home for in-person Bridge, Canasta, Mah Jongg, Scrabble, Backgammon, and Euro-style board games for the next several months. We Have Expanded.

Why is there a bonus for points for honors?

It really does not matter that there is a bonus for this. In the long run, the luck factor will even out: as the points go above the line. As to why this is there: Most of initial bridge (i.e. auction bridge) terms and rules (like rubber is two games etc) and initial scoring were derived from Whist. Giving points for honors is no different.

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